Umm-e-Saleet Akhter

Client Advisor

I grew up in Pakistan, and during my time in school, I worked as a freelancer and was also the editor of my university newsletter. I highly respect the insurance industry because covering for someone’s risks in life is a noble cause. We’re also helping people make better financial decisions that significantly affect their future. I love it here at Adion!

The things that bring me joy outside of work are always the little things, such as food (especially pizza!), an intellectual conversation, an exciting book, and time spent with my friends. People may not know that I’ve been making pizzas since I was 11, and today I own a pizzeria. When I have time, I enjoy long drives, stopping only for food and coffee, with the company of friends and our favorite music. I also started a non-profit when I was 18, and it’s still operating. We help underprivileged kids find food, shelter, and education.