Tara Reed

Customer Relations Manager

Email : TaraR@Adionfg.com

I grew up in the Midwest, and attended Indiana State University. I was first introduced to the world of insurance in Florida, where I used to live. The insurance industry challenges you to care for people, to hear their stories and assist in finding products that will best suit the insured. I try to make everyone I speak with smile joy to the world! My job experience has made me a sort of life coach. In life we assist each other to achieve the best and be the best by sharing our experiences. Incorporating that wisdom in how you treat people and in how you live your life.  My experiences allow me the privilege to encourage people to be happy and continue to grow and achieve. I love to cook, trying new and exotic dishes is my favorite weekend thing to do. Cooking builds self pride. I am a volunteer life coach as well, I get to share in building lives, assisting people to lead productive and happy lives, on the real path to success.