Ryan Perez

Email : ryanperez@adionfg.com

I was born and raised in the great state of Connecticut! I started in the insurance industry at age 22 and have never looked back. I have been advising families for over 8 years and getting to know those individuals and families I work with is by far the most interesting part of my job. After that, selecting the perfect coverage for them is the easy part!

I love sports, especially football. I like watching my cowboys play and hopefully, they’ll win a super bowl in my lifetime! I also love the gym and challenging myself physically and mentally when I am there. I am a proud and self-admitted comic book nerd. I enjoy watching Marvel and DC movies, as well as cartoons, even as an adult.

After a hard week of work, I like to spend time outside with my daughter and my wife, either at the park or at the beach. As a younger adult, I worked at a homeless shelter and still like to go to that shelter to donate both food and clothes.