Mawra Abbasi

Client Advisor

As I belong to a military background, I grew up in different cities in Pakistan and I have experienced different cultures. I later went to the U.S. for my high school education and then to China to complete my degree in Medicine. It was a roller coaster ride for me as I grew up in different cultures and learned so much about them.

I now work as a client advisor at AFG and I play the role of being a bridge between our clients and their carriers. I maintain the client’s accounts and resolve their issues regarding their existing policies. My experience has been really good and I really look forward to growing in the same industry. The most interesting thing about my work is that I have to deal with different people every day so it really gives me exposure to deal with different kinds of situations. It feels really good when I am able to help someone out – their appreciation means everything!

I’m a foodie and I cannot stop talking about food. I just love Japanese and Chinese cuisine and am always up for more. I really enjoy trying new restaurants and cuisines every time I get a chance. One of my guilty pleasures is that I shop a lot just to kill time and end up getting stuff that I really don’t plan to buy and never use it. During the weekends, you will probably find me at some new restaurant…as I already mentioned that food is life!

It has always been my dream to work as a volunteer at a children’s foundation. I would love to contribute in this beautiful way and I do whenever I can.