Marius Nicolaou


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I grew up in London, England where I attended Quinton Kynaston Grammar school and then Westminster University.

I am fairly new to the insurance industry specifically, but, I have 25 years of prior business experience as an owner. The insurance industry that has vast potential, especially in the commercial side, also I hope to bring some relative peace to those who want to keep there family’s, property and businesses safe and secure knowing they are covered from every potential interruption in their lives.

I love all kinds of music, reading historical books, being with my wife and my family, eating, a little vino or scotch, and my wonderful friends. I can’t stop talking about comedy and things that make me laugh. My only guilty pleasure is watching my childhood soccer team Tottenham Hotspurs. Other than that, you can usually find me by the beach, come rain or shine. A fun fact about me is that I used to DJ in underground Reggae clubs in London when I was 18!

I help the needy with food and financial help if needed, mostly to family’s in Connecticut, also a soup kitchen in Middletown.