Fatima Ali Shah

Client Advisor

Email: FShah@AdionFG.com

I grew up in the small town of Abbottabad, and it was an absolute delight for my extroverted self. I knew almost everybody in town, and everybody knew me. I gain energy from socializing and building relationships and it was this passion for networking that led me to the insurance industry. 

My role as a Client Advisor at AFG is extremely rewarding and exciting as it allows me to ensure that our clients are always protected! Seeing our clients being content and carefree motivates me to bring my A-game to work every day. Daily interactions with our clients and making their lives easier and safer is always the highlight of my day.

Other than work, I love traveling and interacting with new people and places. I believe in accumulating experiences because they make our lives more meaningful. On weekends, I volunteer for local non-profit organizations as doing my part in uplifting those who are underprivileged gives me a sense of purpose and responsibility.