Dahlia Gulinao

Client Advisor

Email : dahliag@adionfg.com

I was born in the Philippines and you can call me Dolly! After graduating from high school, I worked as an Account Specialist for ATT/DirectTV, and then I became a Travel Consultant for Viator.

I recently joined AFG and I essentially handle the servicing tasks which often include:

– Handling quote requests, endorsements, and cancellations

– Sending out documents and answering inquiries via phone, email, fax, or SMS

– Handling billing and underwriting issues

– Helping the company generate cross-sales and referrals

The insurance industry is a somewhat new world for me but I embrace the challenge because customer service is really my thing! My passion is going above and beyond to keep our customers happy and by doing that, I hope to create loyal, returning customers – that is extremely rewarding for me!

Outside of work, I make sure to spend quality time with my son. When he’s asleep, I take advantage of my “me time” which includes working out, binge-watching my favorite lifetime movies, or jammin’ with my favorite playlist while sipping my HUGE cup of coffee. I’m also a big, big fan of swimming, the beach, and the summertime…I’m starting to believe I was a mermaid in my past life!