Brenda De La Cruz

Social Media & Marketing Coordinator

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I grew up in Lima, Peru. After graduating from high school, I started working in sales until I had the chance to travel the world while working onboard cruise ships. This experience allowed me to visit over 50 countries where I developed management and marketing skills, which eventually led me to work with brands from all over the world. I recently started working in the insurance industry, which I admire because insurance serves an incredibly useful purpose and allows you to help others.

I love building relationships, whether in creating content to engage with our clients through our social media channels or forging new partnerships with other professionals. The fact that I’m able to contribute to the growth of the business is gratifying.

I enjoy traveling and learning about new cultures. Ever since I was young, I’ve been fascinated by the history of our beautiful world, and luckily, I’ve been fortunate enough to discover new destinations and meet incredible people on the way. However, I also appreciate being home, spending quality time with my family and friends. I’m passionate about art and design, and I consider myself a crafty person. During the weekends or in my spare time, I enjoy writing, drawing, painting, sewing, making collages, or working on some project on my laptop. Whenever I’m creating, I always listen to one of the many playlists I’ve put together over time. I grew up in church, and one of my closest relatives serves as a pastor in my local church, so my family and I always try to support the charities in our community.