Home Owner Insurance

Wherever you live in Connecticut, we can give you insurance quotes for several home insurance policies that will suit you. As experts in home insurance, we can ask questions that will quickly narrow down the insurance coverage that will be best for your life. Then we will create a few personalized policies from the dozen insurance companies we represent in order to give you a choice of home insurance plans to choose from.

Having choices is always good, unless there are too many choices. That’s what can happen if you search for insurance online. By working with agents at AFG, you can let us narrow your home insurance choices to a manageable number that meet your needs for coverage from fire, theft and accidents. Those are the three main areas of home insurance that homeowners need. If you have additional needs, we’ll be able to write a policy that accounts for those needs as well. That is service you won’t get from an impersonal web search.

A house is usually a homeowner’s biggest investment, and that’s why home insurance is so important. At Adion Financial Group we can make sure that investment is protected with all the coverage you need, a price that’s affordable to your budget. Call us today, or start a dialog by filling out a quote request here on our web site.