Auto Insurance

Auto insurance policies are the type we write most frequently here at Adion Financial Group. That’s because everyone who drives a car needs auto insurance and there are lots of auto insurance policies to choose from.As Independent Insurance Agents, we can help you choose the auto insurance that’s best for your situation from one of a dozen insurance companies that we work with. We’re able to offer you a wide range of auto insurance. At the same time, a dozen companies are few enough that we know the details of each company, including insurance discounts that you won’t be able to find if you get a quote online.From Our Offices In Glastonbury, Adion agents can write an auto insurance policy for anyone in the state of Connecticut. If you’re looking for cheap car insurance, we can make sure you have the minimum coverage required by state law. If you want more protection for your family, we’ll make sure you get affordable auto insurance which provides that comprehensive coverage you want.While it is possible to find lots of auto insurance quotes online, the choices are overwhelming.

Agents at Adion can narrow those choices to a small range for you to choose from. Call today, we’ll give you personalized service for your auto insurance needs.