Educating, Enriching, and Empowering our Grade School Students

The team here at Adion Financial Group understands the importance and value of a complete education, and we are saddened to see both the declining standards and the lack of resources affecting many of the grade schools in the greater Hartford area.

So, we’re going to do something about it. We’re launching a charity effort to raise funds for the ConnectiKids program, which focuses on educating, enriching, and empowering Hartford’s young people. Our initial goal will be to raise $500 that will be used to purchase resources for elementary and middle schoolers in our community.

This is something we can’t do alone, so we need the help of everyone else in our area who wants to make sure our children receive an effective education. When you refer a friend to Adion Financial for a complimentary insurance consultation and we get to quote them, we will issue a $10 donation in your name to the ConnectiKids organization.

That’s all there is to it – simple. You send the referrals, we make the donations, and our children benefit. Please join us in our effort, and remember to send in as many referrals as you like, we will issue donations for each of them.


To Make a Donation Directly CLICK HERE