Supporting the Generation of the Future

As a community-based organization, Adion Financial Group feels obligated to lift up and support Glastonbury and surrounding areas in more ways than just providing insurance. To build on our last few months’ work, we will continue to focus our efforts towards supporting Friends of Glastonbury youth (F.O.G.Y.)

With a quarter of the Glastonbury population being kids/adolescents, they are a vital part of our future so making sure that they have the resources to succeed is a number one priority. F.O.G.Y. is one of many organizations that pull together to provide both group and individual activities for the youth of the community. This non-profit is accomplishes this goal through a number of united fronts: back-to-school and after-school programs, holiday food and toy drives, summer camps, creative outlets, and much more. Many organizations unite under F.O.G.Y. to see to it that the youth of the community has as much opportunity as possible to thrive and succeed 

In order to support F.O.G.Y. continuing their inspiring work to better the youth of our community, we are committing to donating $10 for every recommendation you send our way for a no-obligation quote! With your referrals and our donations, we really believe we can continue to help our community blossom!


To Make a Donation Directly CLICK HERE