Combating Covid-19 Together

Our Community, and others alike, have suffered greatly from the impact of Covid-19. Many of us have personally, or know of someone personally, that has been affected by the financial devastation the virus has caused. Many are without jobs, struggling to pay their bills, and keep food on their tables.

AFG is committed to helping it’s community through these hardships and come out on the other side even stronger than before. That is why our Agency has chosen to raise donations for the Covid-19 Response Fund organized by the Hartford Foundation

The fund will provide resources to organizations through the region that serve residents impacted by coronavirus and its economic consequences. In a combined effort to rapidly deploy resources to support the residents who are most significantly affected by the coronavirus pandemic. 100% of the money donated to the fund will be used to address the urgent needs of those in the greater Hartford area. 

How can you help us in our efforts to aid those in need? Simple! When you refer a friend to AFG for a no-obligation quote, we pledge to donate $10 on your behalf to the organization. And that is $10 for EACH quoted friend. So, are you ready to change lives today?


To Make a Donation Directly CLICK HERE